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    Welcome to the blog of Fiery Nights Boudoir. If this is your first time finding me, please click on the WEBSITE link to be directed to my actual site for galleries and pricing information.

    Boudoir photography showcases the essence of being a woman - sassiness, teasing, power, and above all, beauty. Fiery Nights Boudoir provides intimate pictures that are perfect as a self-esteem boost or as a sexy gift for your love.

    When is the last time you looked at a picture of yourself and thought - WOW, I’m gorgeous?

    ...isn’t it about time?

I had such fun with this woman.  She wanted to celebrate her husband’s birthday.  He is a firefighter and brought in his coat and hat.  It was such fun!  Of course, she’s not letting me show the great pictures that have her face in them, so I’m limited in what I share, but these are fun.  She also utilized my awesome makeup artist and kept it natural.  Lots of women worry about looking “too made up” or not themselves when it comes to using a makeup artist.  And that may be the case for makeup artists who aren’t very good, but a good makeup artist can do ANY look – be it smokey and sultry to light and natural to crazy. LOL  Never let that fear stop you from using mine, at least, because she rocks.  And fake lashes are essential. 😉

So we started with his uniform. Man, that firefighter coat is HEAVY.  And to say she was smoking hot, well….okay, I had to do the pun.



When people ask about what to wear, it is always totally up to them, but I love lace.  I love the texture, and I love that you get a hint of skin without it being blatant.


And how fun are these panties with the plaid ties?  She received them as a bachelorette party gift.  Everyone had brought a pair that represents them to give her as the bride.  What a fun idea.




We did a whole series with the Americana backdrop that were awesome.  Unfortunately, this is the only one where it still looks good without her head.


Boudoir photography may be given as a gift – usually a groom’s gift, or for birthdays or anniversaries.  But even though the end results are typically given away, the experience is 100% for the woman.  It is always a fun experience, something to make a woman feel beautiful, proud of herself, and perfect in her own right.  There is no perfect age, no perfect weight.  There is only now and who we are.  And who we are in this moment is perfect.

He gives you a ring, but what do you give him?  Well, the latest trend in groom’s gift is boudoir photography.  I love photographing brides for such purposes.  Especially when she tells me that in no way would he ever in a million years expect this.  I love being in on a surprise.:)  This lovely lady used my hair and makeup team, but I’m not allowed to show her face.  I’m just happy she is allowing me to share some, even if you don’t get to see the face.  Some are cropped specifically for that purpose, so it may look a bit awkward.

If you want to do a boudoir session for a specific event (birthday, wedding, anniversary), be sure you have it scheduled at least a full month before the date, as it takes two weeks to edit pictures, and another two weeks for the album.

Now let’s check out these sexy pictures.  I love white on white like this.



These panties actually said Mrs and then her new last name, but for privacy purposes, I removed the last name.






We also did some cool pictures with this edgy setup.  Unfortunately, it was almost impossible to edit any to take out her head to share.  This is the best I could do. LOL


Fiery Nights Boudoir is the sister brand of Firefly Nights Photography.  Our studio is located in downtown Naperville, making it easily accessible to all of Chicago, especially the western suburbs.  Boudoir photography is a sexy, intimate, empowering, but most importantly – FUN – experience.  While the results of these sessions are typically given to significant others, the experience is 100% for the woman.  No one can really believe me, but every single client leaves with a smile on her face, saying “That was so much more fun than I thought it would be.”

I had done this session many months ago – and I LOVED it – but like many others, she had declined letting me share any of her pictures.  But, months passed, and her friends talked her into sharing.  It isn’t that she didn’t love the pictures or feel beautiful – because seriously, she is! – but many people worry about such images being loose on the internet.  I totally understand and respect this concern and do not push my clients on this matter.  I am so happy she changed her mind!

She was actually the first to do the red sheet and stone wall set up.  And she is still my favorite with this image.  Her curves were perfect for this set up, and the long hair makes it soft and feminine.  I have a thing for red in photography.



It’s been a while since someone allowed me to share! I’ve had a lot of beautiful ladies, but not everyone wants to show off my work.  So I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that this gorgeous, sexy lady not only let me share some, but let me share whatever I wanted, including two of my newest favorite nudes.  First off, she had some gorgeous curves – totally a classic hourglass shape.  I’m totally jealous.  She also rocked out with my makeup artist.  And warning, if you are looking through this while at work, there is nudity here.

The color of this bra and panty set was perfect with her fair skin and red hair.


Had to get a close up of those lashes!  And well, if you didn’t notice the lases but focuses on something else, I understand. LOL



So small sidetrack.  We are talking about 50 Shades of Gray and how it drove me crazy that she was always biting or chewing her lower lip because I have never seen someone actually do that.  She pipes in that she does it all the time.   So there you go – some women do it. LOL


Speaking of 50 Shades of Gray, how about a little bondage?  This idea actually came from her husband, and she showed me a picture that thus led to this inspiration.  This is now my very favorite boudoir picture I’ve ever taken.  It is seriously hot, and also my first time tying up a woman. LOL  It had us both cracking up.


Ok, I also really love this next one.  Sort of inspired by American Beauty, but with the curves and posing reminiscent of a Roman statue.




And this corset was to die for.  I had to do up the back, but I am used to helping women with fastens and clips and what not. Makes you thankful that we no longer wear such things on a daily basis.


Fiery Nights Boudoir provides sexy, tasteful boudoir photography for all of Chicago, especially the western suburbs.  Our all female studio is located in downtown Naperville.  Each session is catered to showcase each woman’s individual personality – some stay fully clothed, others are fully nude.  Some like dramatic and dark, others like innocent and light.  What I am saying is, we promise you will be 100% comfortable and enjoy your time with us.