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    Welcome to the blog of Fiery Nights Boudoir. If this is your first time finding me, please click on the WEBSITE link to be directed to my actual site for galleries and pricing information.

    Boudoir photography showcases the essence of being a woman - sassiness, teasing, power, and above all, beauty. Fiery Nights Boudoir provides intimate pictures that are perfect as a self-esteem boost or as a sexy gift for your love.

    When is the last time you looked at a picture of yourself and thought - WOW, I’m gorgeous?

    ...isn’t it about time?

When I had this couple approach me about doing pictures, they knew they wanted fine art nudes done.  They showed me sample images of what they liked, etc, which was helpful in making sure we were on the same page.  Now apparently not all boudoir photographers will do fully nude portraits, but I already do full nudes for maternity sessions, so this is really nothing new. As long as there is a clear line between tasteful nudes and porn.  There is a difference!  If you don’t know the difference, then I am not the right photographer for you.

Now nudity was no big deal to this gorgeous woman, as they are European and used to nude beaches, etc.  But even so, this was not something she would have volunteered  to do, but they were celebrating 28 years of marriage.  And I am completely disgusted that she looks so amazing after 28 years of marriage and children. That’s just not fair.  LOL  I love that they allowed me to share some of their pictures here.

Before you go any further, please be warned that the below images are not safe for work and display full nudity, albeit in a tasteful manner.

I so love this one:




We switched from silhouette lighting to the below.  I told her that she had the type of butt that women pay big money for.  She laughed and thought I was kidding.  I wasn’t. Seriously.

Naperville boudoir photographer


We also did some darker images with more stark lighting.

Naperville nude photographer


Chicago nude photographer


Personally, I love this next image the best.  I have done countless images like it on the bed, but this time, I moved my light to the side, and I love the shadows it created.

Hinsdale boudoir photographer


Boudoir photography is about feeling beautiful.  That could mean baring it all, or being completely clothed, or anything in between.

Hooray, a brave lady has let me share her pictures!  I have done her family and son’s senior portraits before, so when she called me up to let me know that the only thing her husband wanted for Christmas this year was a boudoir session – well, I was thrilled.  She was less so.  LOL  She was very nervous about doing it, but like I tell all my client – Every single one leaves smiling and telling me how much fun they had.  The nerves disappear shortly after we get started, I promise!

I know some studios supply lingerie for photoshoots.  I do not.  Feels weird for me, so I frequently get asked what people should bring.  It is totally up to you! I can do an entire session with just a sheet. 😉  But if pushed, I would say my very favorite thing is a lacey stretch top like this.  I love them.  I find it sexy to see through but not see everything.  And can I say that I hate her just a little that she looks this good with having a senior in high school?!

Naperville boudoir photographer


A button down men’s shirt is also always a classic.  Again – seeing some but not all is my favorite thing, but I try to do a variety for everyone.  The second most common question I get asked is about nudity.  You can show as little or as much as you like.  You can be sexy fully clothed for all I care – it is in the lighting and posing.  But I am also completely comfortable with photographing women naked, as I do with maternity sessions, as well.  As long as everyone is clear on the intentions of creating tasteful images, we are good.

Chicago boudoir photographer


Downers Grove boudoir photographer


Hinsdale boudoir photographer



There is usually a lot of laughing during our sessions, and I love to capture it, too. Real laughter is always beautiful.

Hinsdale boudoir photographer



Rim lighting is stunning and classic.  Clients tend to ask about what to do with the pictures.  99% of my clients purchase albums to give as a gift.  But sometimes people purchase wall art – something like this can easily go on a wall as a piece of art.

Elmhurst boudoir photographer



And one last dramatic picture.

Chicago sexy photography


If you are looking for a unique, thoughtful, beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day, a boudoir session is perfect!

It’s been a while since I’ve received permission to share some of my boudoir photography!  I am so happy this gorgeous lady decided to let me share…though she stipulated that I couldn’t share her face.  She decided to have a boudoir session for her and her husband’s eighteenth wedding anniversary.  Doesn’t she look amazing!! I hope he loves the album!  People ask me all the time what people do with these sort of pictures.  Usually, they are given as a gift album. Something that can be put away and kept private.  But some also choose to put some up on their walls as art pieces, as well.

Time for some sharing!  She was so much fun and up for anything. The infamous thong shot – always a pleaser for everyone.

Chicago boudoir photographer


This is definitely my favorite picture.  I just love it.

Naperville boudoir photographer


Downers Grove boudoir photographer


Chicago nude photographer


Then we changed to a more dramatic scene.

Naperville nude photographer


I always love using sheets. I think a woman’s bare back is incredibly sexy.

Chicago glamour photographer


What’s funny is that this client hadn’t planned to be fully topless originally, but everyone always gets so comfortable that they end up fully naked!  Then they laugh as they leave.  It is something no one believes me about until they experience it for themselves.  You may be nervous coming in, but I PROMISE, you will be smiling before you leave.

If you are looking for something unique and awesome for your loved one’s upcoming birthday, anniversary, or just because you realize you look hot – then come check out Fiery Nights Boudoir.  This is the little sister brand under Firefly Nights Photography, which continues to be named Naperville’s Best Photographer.

Finally!  I finally get to share another boudoir session!  Seriously, so many women do not give me permission to share any images.  This lovely lady gave me permission, as long as I did not show her face.  Her husband had actually purchased a gift certificate for her a while ago.  Sometimes women need an extra push to do a boudoir session.  😉  This sexy lady was gorgeous, and we had so much fun.  She brought along her own hair stylist, and the two of them and my makeup artist and I had a blast laughing and sharing stories as she got all glammed up.  I wish I could show you how gorgeous she looked.  While I offer professional hair and makeup artists as an optional service, I really can’t tell you how much I highly recommend using them.  Makeup definitely makes a difference, and professional makeup can bring things to the next level.  It also just adds to the overall experience.

So let’s get on with the sharing!  In some of these, I had had to edit out her face, so the cropping may be weird.  I love, love, love lace for these sessions.  Lace is sexy – showing some but not all.

Chicago boudoir photographer


Naperville boudoir photographer


Downers Grove boudoir photographer


I love this one.

Hinsdale boudoir photographer


She also wanted to show off her wonderful abs.  I love the commercial and edgy images like this.

Elmhurst boudoir photographer


Wheaton boudoir photographer



This one is her favorite.  I had some fun with her and sexy silhouettes.

Plainfield boudoir photographer


And while the above is her favorite, I think the below is mine.

Chicago glamour photography


If you are looking for a boudoir photographer in Chicago’s western suburbs, then we hope you will consider Fiery Nights Boudoir.  We are located in downtown Naperville, though our sign outside shows our main brand – Firefly Nights Photography – where we have been named Naperville’s Best Photographer for the past five years.

So so happy I get to share some more boudoir images with you!  Not everyone allows it.  This lovely bride-to-be came to me recently in order to create a special groom’s gift with a sexy boudoir album.  She also came along with her friend, who was a past client, as well.  So much fun to see her again after a few years.  What was really great is that this experience was so out of her norm, so he will be totally shocked that she did this for him.  And since this is a gift for him, she wanted to bring outfits that are meaningful to him.

First up, these two (but more him) LOVE Batman.  And I love the idea of the sexy geek look, complete with knee socks.


Next up, they are big Blackhawk fans.  I always love the sexy girl-next-door look when women wear sports jerseys or their man’s shirts.


Then it was time to put on some bridal lingerie.  So pretty!



Then it was time to get a little more sultry and dark.


Lastly, it was time for some iconic bridal boudoir images.  She brought along her actual bouquet, which was gorgeous.  And she wore the shoes she will wear at the wedding, along with her garter.




If you are looking for a boudoir photographer, look no further than Fiery Nights Boudoir.  Our studio is located in downtown Naperville, making it easily accessible to all of Chicago, especially the western suburbs.