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“I want to thank you. You really have no idea what the shoot did for my confidence. I seriously don’t even change at the gym without being in a stall. It was just fun to feel glamorous. Then to top it, the final product comes and well, I know you made me look even better:)and for that I thank you as well.”

“Megan, you are so disarming. I don’t think I could have done this with anyone else.”

“Oh my God! It’s like seeing my body the way it was before kids! No stretch marks, no cellulite.  Can you make me look this good just walking around??”

“My husband LOVES them all.  He can’t stop looking at them with a stupid grin on his face. And I love it.”

“These are just beautiful.  I didn’t think I could look so pretty.”

“I was really nervous about doing this, but the professionalism in the “Bedroom” made the shoot more comfortable and fun!”

“I can’t thank you enough…my husband can’t thank you enough! LOL”

“I never knew I could be so beautiful!”