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Naperville Boudoir Photographer | Fine Art Nudes

When I had this couple approach me about doing pictures, they knew they wanted fine art nudes done.  They showed me sample images of what they liked, etc, which was helpful in making sure we were on the same page.  Now apparently not all boudoir photographers will do fully nude portraits, but I already do full nudes for maternity sessions, so this is really nothing new. As long as there is a clear line between tasteful nudes and porn.  There is a difference!  If you don’t know the difference, then I am not the right photographer for you.

Now nudity was no big deal to this gorgeous woman, as they are European and used to nude beaches, etc.  But even so, this was not something she would have volunteered  to do, but they were celebrating 28 years of marriage.  And I am completely disgusted that she looks so amazing after 28 years of marriage and children. That’s just not fair.  LOL  I love that they allowed me to share some of their pictures here.

Before you go any further, please be warned that the below images are not safe for work and display full nudity, albeit in a tasteful manner.

I so love this one:




We switched from silhouette lighting to the below.  I told her that she had the type of butt that women pay big money for.  She laughed and thought I was kidding.  I wasn’t. Seriously.

Naperville boudoir photographer


We also did some darker images with more stark lighting.

Naperville nude photographer


Chicago nude photographer


Personally, I love this next image the best.  I have done countless images like it on the bed, but this time, I moved my light to the side, and I love the shadows it created.

Hinsdale boudoir photographer


Boudoir photography is about feeling beautiful.  That could mean baring it all, or being completely clothed, or anything in between.

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