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Hooray, a brave lady has let me share her pictures!  I have done her family and son’s senior portraits before, so when she called me up to let me know that the only thing her husband wanted for Christmas this year was a boudoir session – well, I was thrilled.  She was less so.  LOL  She was very nervous about doing it, but like I tell all my client – Every single one leaves smiling and telling me how much fun they had.  The nerves disappear shortly after we get started, I promise!

I know some studios supply lingerie for photoshoots.  I do not.  Feels weird for me, so I frequently get asked what people should bring.  It is totally up to you! I can do an entire session with just a sheet. 😉  But if pushed, I would say my very favorite thing is a lacey stretch top like this.  I love them.  I find it sexy to see through but not see everything.  And can I say that I hate her just a little that she looks this good with having a senior in high school?!

Naperville boudoir photographer


A button down men’s shirt is also always a classic.  Again – seeing some but not all is my favorite thing, but I try to do a variety for everyone.  The second most common question I get asked is about nudity.  You can show as little or as much as you like.  You can be sexy fully clothed for all I care – it is in the lighting and posing.  But I am also completely comfortable with photographing women naked, as I do with maternity sessions, as well.  As long as everyone is clear on the intentions of creating tasteful images, we are good.

Chicago boudoir photographer


Downers Grove boudoir photographer


Hinsdale boudoir photographer



There is usually a lot of laughing during our sessions, and I love to capture it, too. Real laughter is always beautiful.

Hinsdale boudoir photographer



Rim lighting is stunning and classic.  Clients tend to ask about what to do with the pictures.  99% of my clients purchase albums to give as a gift.  But sometimes people purchase wall art – something like this can easily go on a wall as a piece of art.

Elmhurst boudoir photographer



And one last dramatic picture.

Chicago sexy photography


If you are looking for a unique, thoughtful, beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day, a boudoir session is perfect!

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