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It’s been a while since I’ve received permission to share some of my boudoir photography!  I am so happy this gorgeous lady decided to let me share…though she stipulated that I couldn’t share her face.  She decided to have a boudoir session for her and her husband’s eighteenth wedding anniversary.  Doesn’t she look amazing!! I hope he loves the album!  People ask me all the time what people do with these sort of pictures.  Usually, they are given as a gift album. Something that can be put away and kept private.  But some also choose to put some up on their walls as art pieces, as well.

Time for some sharing!  She was so much fun and up for anything. The infamous thong shot – always a pleaser for everyone.

Chicago boudoir photographer


This is definitely my favorite picture.  I just love it.

Naperville boudoir photographer


Downers Grove boudoir photographer


Chicago nude photographer


Then we changed to a more dramatic scene.

Naperville nude photographer


I always love using sheets. I think a woman’s bare back is incredibly sexy.

Chicago glamour photographer


What’s funny is that this client hadn’t planned to be fully topless originally, but everyone always gets so comfortable that they end up fully naked!  Then they laugh as they leave.  It is something no one believes me about until they experience it for themselves.  You may be nervous coming in, but I PROMISE, you will be smiling before you leave.

If you are looking for something unique and awesome for your loved one’s upcoming birthday, anniversary, or just because you realize you look hot – then come check out Fiery Nights Boudoir.  This is the little sister brand under Firefly Nights Photography, which continues to be named Naperville’s Best Photographer.

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