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Chicago Boudoir Photographer, Naperville Boudoir Photographer

What do you do when you are a woman turning 50?  Why not some boudoir photography?!  That was this woman’ plan, at least.  She had done boudoir pictures before, but she wanted to celebrate this new part of her life.  At 50 years old, she is still tall and lean.  There may be more wrinkles than there used to be, but as we all know, our inner self never ages, and that clearly shown through.  She opted for a hotel session.  She and her husband celebrated their anniversary and spent the previous night, and I showed up the next morning.

Chicago sexy photography


Naperville nude photographer


Downers Grove nude photographer


Wheaton boudoir photographer


I love this next picture.  Classic, sexy, beautiful.  And while naked, doesn’t show anything.


Naperville glamour photographer


The bathrooms at this hotel are really cool with frosted glass.  We got a series of abstract nude art like this next one. So cool and different!


Boudoir photography sessions are perfect as a groom’s gift from a bride, for anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays to your special love.  But these are also the perfect pick me up just for you. To show women how beautiful, powers, sexy, and strong they are.  Not for any one else, but for ourselves.

Fiery Nights Boudoir is located in Naperville, but we easily service all of Chicago, especially the western suburbs.

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