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Character | Chicago Boudoir Photographer, Naperville Boudoir Photographer

This session was so much fun. I wish I could show more, but you know… she didn’t want her face shared.  She was doing this session as a birthday present for her husband and brought a lot of props with her.  Her first outfit was actually a sexy White Sox t-shirt (because her husband is a fan), but she paired it with Cubs underwear (because she is a fan).  I wish I could show one of the pictures showing both pieces, because it was a great juxtaposition between Chicago’s baseball teams.  At least I can show the Cubs underwear!

Chicago boudoir photography


Next, we had some fun hanging streamers from the ceiling and wrapping her in a Happy Birthday banner. LOL

Naperville nude photographer


Then we moved on.  I love see-through lacey lingerie for boudoir sessions.  Just so sexy.

Wheaton boudoir photographer


Hinsdale boudoir photographer


Oak Park boudoir photographer


Lastly was my favorite part and I wish I could show a lot more.  “I’m sort of a geek,” she told me and pulled out a bunch of Harry Potter props.  She had the scarf, glasses, wand, golden snitch, and a pair of panties that said “Potter” on he butt with his number on the front.  We got so many fun pictures from that series, but there was only this one that I could crop her face without losing the essence of the picture.  But man, it was fun.

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