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Lingerie Deal | Naperville – Chicago Boudoir Photographer

“What do I wear?” is probably the second most common question I get asked by clients.  What’s first?  Probably, “Can you get rid of my stretch marks?”  LOL

So what to wear…  The choices are really endless and all depend on the type of images you want.  Are you going for classic, for flirtatious, or for completely naughty?  When picking out lingerie, look at the details.  Ribbons, hooks, bows, etc make for great detail shots.  In photography, details matter.  And don’t stop with just the lingerie.  We have to think of the whole package, which means jewelry and shoes.  SHOES!  Come on, ladies, if you don’t already own at least one pair of drop-dead-sexy heels/boots, then you should, and this is the perfect excuse.

I’ll blog more about clothing choices down the road.  This is really supposed to be announcing a great deal I can offer clients.  Flirty Kitty in Plainfield is a lingerie boutique (off Rt. 59).  They are PACKED with a ton of lingerie, and as someone who recently went there, there are some great ones for boudoir purposes.  Their website has only about a 1/4th of their actual inventory.

What’s so great about Flirty Kitty?  Well, if you are one of my clients, you can get 15% off your purchase with them!  After you book your session, I can send you the gift certificate, and you can go have a little shopping fun. :)

I don’t think I’ve had someone wear white lingerie with me, yet.  Tell me this isn’t hot!

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