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    Welcome to the blog of Fiery Nights Boudoir. If this is your first time finding me, please click on the WEBSITE link to be directed to my actual site for galleries and pricing information.

    Boudoir photography showcases the essence of being a woman - sassiness, teasing, power, and above all, beauty. Fiery Nights Boudoir provides intimate pictures that are perfect as a self-esteem boost or as a sexy gift for your love.

    When is the last time you looked at a picture of yourself and thought - WOW, I’m gorgeous?

    ...isn’t it about time?

Naperville Boudoir Photographer, Chicago Boudoir Photographer

I love that boudoir photography has become the hot thing to give as a groom’s gift.  I made an ad last year that said, “He gave you a ring.  What are you going to give him?”  And I think every man would love to receive pictures like this of his bride-to-be.  The style of a boudoir session is completely driven by my clients – by their personalities, their look, their lingerie, and any specific ideas they have.  This lovely lady used my professional makeup artist, which I always recommend, though it is not required.  I’m a big fan of fake lashes, so if you do your own makeup for a session, please consider using them.  They really make a difference!

Ok, back to this session.  She is getting married this summer to her boyfriend of ten years.  I can’t wait to hear his reaction!  Her wedding accent color is red.  I love the pop of color here – so sassy!





Those were some seriously tall heels!! LOL

I love the heart cut outs on this outfit.

And this next picture is my favorite of all of them.  Love the way she looks here.


I said in the last post that this next set up is my new favorite. And it still is, but I love the addition of some long, draping pearls over the back like this.



Then of course we had to actually go on the bed.  This pose looks great on every single woman. Love the eye contact.

If you are looking for a creative gift for your significant other – why not a boudoir session with Fiery Nights Boudoir?  We promise you a fun time!  We are located in downtown Naperville, making it easily accessible for all of Chicago, especially the western suburbs.

And if you are interested in other photography besides boudoir, consider our other brand, Firefly Nights Photography.

Naperville Boudoir Photographer, Chicago Boudoir Photographer

Yes, I”m still here.  Believe it or not, but I’ve been busy, but people haven’t allowed me to share their images as of late.  Which is really too bad, because then you all don’t get to see my work – and maybe to get inspired to do your own boudoir session with Fiery Nights Boudoir!  This sexy lady is getting ready to celebrate her tenth wedding anniversary and wanted to give her husband something totally unexpected.  She says he would never expect her to do something like this in a million years, so I can’t wait to hear his reaction.;)  She did not agree to me sharing images with her full face, but I am thankful she is allowing me to share these!

This is a new set up I’ve been doing lately, and I totally love it.  I love the colors, the drama, and the peak of the bottom.  I think a woman’s bare back is extremely sexy.







She had the most beautiful smile.  Glad I can share this.



This client chose to use my professional hair and makeup services.  While these are optional services, it is a great way to ensure your pictures turn out their best.  It also helps get you set – like getting into character.

If you are interested in a sexy boudoir session for whatever reason – you’re getting married, have an upcoming anniversary, birthday, or just because you want to feel sexy – then contact Fiery Nights Boudoir today to schedule your session.  Our studio is located in downtown Naperville, making it easily accessible to all of Chicago, especially the western suburbs.

Boudoir Valentine’s Day Special | Chicago Boudoir Photographer

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day special this year?  Then you should consider a boudoir photography session with Fiery Nights Boudoir.  Located in downtown Naperville, we are an award-winning studio.  Fiery Nights Boudoir is a sister company to Firefly Nights Photography, where we offer all other portraits  from maternity and newborn to high school seniors and families.  We do it all.  With an entirely female staff, we offer complete privacy and respect.  Add amazing professional hair and makeup as an option.  While everyone tends to be a little hesitant going into it, every single client leaves saying it was fun.

This year, we are offering a special now until Valentine’s Day.  A session for just $500.  Contact us for more information.


We have a private studio perfect for boudoir sessions.   Worried about cellulite, stretch marks, or wrinkles?  Every image you see is fully edited, so don’t worry!  Have more weight than you would want to show?  There are options, like covering with a sheet, wearing a man’s shirt, etc.  You do not have to bear it all to be sexy.  With professional posing and lighting experience, we promise that every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel sexy.

Take a look through our galleries for examples.

Chicago Boudoir Photographer, Naperville Boudoir Photographer

What do you do when you are a woman turning 50?  Why not some boudoir photography?!  That was this woman’ plan, at least.  She had done boudoir pictures before, but she wanted to celebrate this new part of her life.  At 50 years old, she is still tall and lean.  There may be more wrinkles than there used to be, but as we all know, our inner self never ages, and that clearly shown through.  She opted for a hotel session.  She and her husband celebrated their anniversary and spent the previous night, and I showed up the next morning.

Chicago sexy photography


Naperville nude photographer


Downers Grove nude photographer


Wheaton boudoir photographer


I love this next picture.  Classic, sexy, beautiful.  And while naked, doesn’t show anything.


Naperville glamour photographer


The bathrooms at this hotel are really cool with frosted glass.  We got a series of abstract nude art like this next one. So cool and different!


Boudoir photography sessions are perfect as a groom’s gift from a bride, for anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays to your special love.  But these are also the perfect pick me up just for you. To show women how beautiful, powers, sexy, and strong they are.  Not for any one else, but for ourselves.

Fiery Nights Boudoir is located in Naperville, but we easily service all of Chicago, especially the western suburbs.

Chicago Glamour Photographer, Downers Grove Glamour Photographer

This lady was hilarious.  She has lost some weight recently and wanted to give her husband something he would never suspect (though had hinted at in the past).  She’s had a rough year with her health, but wanted to do this for him.  I put on red satin sheets to compliment her gold lingerie.  I tend to forget that I even own black, red, and gold satin sheets – I really need to use them more often! I love the results.

Chicago glamour photographer


Naperville glamour photographer


Downers Grove glamour photographer


Hinsdale glamour photographer


Wheaton boudoir photographer